Steiner: Racing Point ‘should think before they talk’

Haas boss Guenther Steiner has told Racing Point to “think before they talk” amid the copycat controversy sweeping through the paddock.

Steiner: Racing Point ‘should think before they talk’

Steiner: Racing Point ‘should think before they talk’

Unnamed rival teams have voiced their displeasure at seeing Racing Point turn up to pre-season testing on Wednesday with a car which essentially looks like the World Championship-winning Mercedes W10 last year.

Racing Point has a close working relationship with Mercedes and Steiner has reminded them of their initial protests when Haas first produced a car which looked very Ferrari-like in its appearance.

“Sometimes you have to think before you talk, I will say that one, because maybe one day it’s your turn and then you cannot go against it,” Steiner told

“As we all know, they complained quite heavily a few years ago, so now it is going full circle. It is up to them. I don’t really care.”

As for the whole copycat debate, Steiner does not have any particular issue with what Racing Point has done, saying it would be “pretty stupid” if they copied a Ferrari or Red Bull when they are a customer team of Mercedes.

He said: “I would put it like this…they use a lot of Mercedes parts on their car, so why would they go and copy a Red Bull? It’s the same with us.

“We buy a lot of parts from Ferrari. So which car are we going to copy? I guess a Ferrari. I mean, if you will copy a Toro Rosso or a Red Bull we would be pretty stupid because we would try to invent something which is not there.

“So I think they’re just doing what we are doing: just trying to get the best out of it and use that model.”

Racing Point finished fastest behind the two leading Mercedes cars on the first day of pre-season testing in Barcelona.

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