Ricciardo features on 2021 Hottest 100 song

Daniel Ricciardo has a well-known love of music – and Gang of Youths’ song ‘The Man Himself’, on which he played, made an end-of-year top 100 chart in Australia.

Ricciardo features on 2021 Hottest 100 song

Ricciardo features on 2021 Hottest 100 song

Triple J’s Hottest 100 of 2021 was announced and the Sydney indie rock band’s song came in at number 57.

Ricciardo dropped by their studio during the recording to hit a snare drum – and his name was credited on the song for playing percussion upon its release.

The band posted a video of him playing the drum during a recording session for the song in the summer of 2020, and it was released as a single in the autumn.

The popularity of the song saw it voted among the 100 most popular songs on youth radio station Triple J in Australia, in an annual chart with more than 2.5 million votes cast in 2021.

the flam himself, @danielricciardo pic.twitter.com/fZv0Mhst80

— gang of youths (@gangofyouths) October 9, 2021

Children’s group The Wiggles took top spot in the Hottest 100, with their cover of ‘Elephant‘ by Tame Impala becoming a big hit in Australia last year.

Ricciardo is a big fan of music and is often posting on his own social media channels about his current recommendations, or singing songs in his car, and he is almost always seen wearing his headphones while on the grid before grands prix, alongside dabbling with playing the acoustic guitar.


The McLaren driver was able to return home to Australia after the end of the season having spoken on multiple occasions about having been homesick at times in the past couple of years.

Having struggled to get to grips with his McLaren in the first part of the year, he mentioned the human side of public life can be overlooked at times.

“I wouldn’t say it affects me in the act of driving,” he said of missing his family. “But particularly when maybe it doesn’t go well, it definitely has an effect because all you want is some of that support and family love.

“And also when it doesn’t go well, you can also feel very lonely.”



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